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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Creeping allure of Socialism

 An item in the blog, Guido Fawkes highlights a trend in the UK young that ought to set alarm bells ringing.

It brought to mind the old adage about great families: that one generation built the wealth, the second enjoyed it and the third, squandered it. Does this apply to Countries and perhaps, Empires.

The UK has certainly grown since the second world war, the UK has not been under direct threat (ignoring the IRA), businesses have grown, the population are living longer (Ignoring covid) and the arts are flourishing. (Again ignoring covid). Before covid we might have been excused for thinking that we lived in a golden age.

Then came wokism and the idea that all that created the new world was based on racism and misogyny; that we should be ashamed of any nationalism, embarrassed by our history and it was, therefore, our duty to adhere to 'diversity' and 'levelling up'.

This report suggests that the next generation, ignorant of the price of socialism, will fritter away not only the wealth of the nation but also its good name, There will be no army nor police to protect from anarchy. No meat will be eaten by command of the eco-warriors and power will be rationed as wind turbines fall still in the changed climate. The austere life will not be lightened by comedy for fear of offending nor can solace be found in Churches too cowed by minorities to follow the teachings of their Gods. Ambition and advancement will be dirty words suggesting that some are better than others; that we are not born equal. Science must be fettered lest it arrests the race to the bottom as the truth only counts if it fits the woke agenda.

I could go on but it is too depressing to contemplate. Let us hope that a whiff of common sense will fall on the Government and the young of today are made aware of their duty and contribution to society by hard work, honesty, thrift and pride in their Country. It should be a case of: 'not what can the nation do for me but, rather, what can I do for the Nation'. 

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