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Tuesday 13 July 2021

Racism in football

Following the European CHampionship football tournament, there has been widespread outrage at online racist comments against black English footballers. This is regrettable but might have been anticipated. The British public by and large are a tolerant and friendly people but as in many other spheres they are sick to the back teeth of minorities of all colours parading their differences at every opportunity. Taking the kneee at one match might have been a moving gesture but ahead of every match becomes a political issue especially as it was an American, Black Lives Matter, routine. The same applies to Gay Pride marches, rainbow armbands and flags. As a group these people have suffered and have been discriminated against but even they must understand that enough is enough; that people don't want it rammed down their throats.

It has to be understood that all people around the world have a hard-wired inclination to be wary of strangers, preferring the company of family, colleagues and community first. Historically, those who do not fit the mould, including the disabled and insane are vulnerable to discrimination. Even in black communities, albino children were not only killed but ritually so.

Also, inter-tribal killings in Africa, up to the present time, demonstrates a racism far in excess of what we see in the UK today.

I've heard it said that children are not born racist but I suggest that this is simply not true. Every child inherits besides the DNA of its parents but also the character of an ancestor. Depending on who this character was the child could be totally racist, totally amiable and every shade in between, ready to be moulded by the nurturing process.

This parochial feeling persists to this day in many communities, including religious groups, despite the advances of science and civilisation, largely antagonised by uncontrolled economic immigration and a report that 90% of all knife crime in London is committed by black people. The same report said that 74% of people awaiting trial in London were black despite being only 17% of the population.

That the perceived racists are pilloried today is fueling a backlash which is made manifest by this latest outburst of racism on social media.

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