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Monday 11 October 2021

Scrap HS2. Build nuclear.

 Successive UK Governments have been found out for allowing British utilities to be sold off to foreign Companies and investors or allowed to perish on the vine. All the time it is short term expediency ahead of long term planning as painfully demonstrated by the UK's current energy shortfall. At the mercy of overseas owners the price of Russian gas has gone through the roof, the French are threatening to cut off electricity; all at a time when the wind has dropped and North Sea oil has all but run dry. 

In the Sixties the UK were world leaders in nuclear energy technology but demands from coal miners led to Labour's decision to cut back on investment whilst the US and France, oblivious to Union demands powered on ahead. But that's in the past. What to do now.

It costs about £20bn to build a nuclear power station. The unwanted HS2 project is scheduled to cost £200bn. Why not scrap the train and build ten new, state of the art, safe, nuclear power stations to be run by the state? 

Use the land already cleared for the train to build affordable housing.

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