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Friday 31 December 2021

What to do with Ghislaine Maxwell

When all the furore is over, what is the legacy of the Maxwell trial and sentence. Nobody has been killed except the evil master of the drama, Jeffrey Epstein, at his own hand we are led to believe, many of the victims have been compensated and the master's moll has been sent to prison for what many think is her life.

Of course, the victims too must serve a life sentence as the memory of their mistreatment will probably not go away but does their wish for justice, justify locking up Maxwell for life? Do they hunger for revenge and wish to teach her a lesson? Do they want Maxwell to suffer and is this sentiment satisfied by imprisonment.  

Maxwell, too suffers this life sentence, since no one has suggested she is a psycopath; the knowledge that she caused so much damage to so many young girls, must weigh heavily on her conscience. Her reputation is ruined; she has brought shame on her already blighted family. She is surely no longer a danger to the community but her incarceration will cost all of them for board and lodgings over many years. What is the sense of this? Prisons should only be used for the violent and protect the public from the seriously anti-social such as robbers. Surely Ghislaine Maxwell can be dealt with differently. Her freedom can be restricted with a tag, passport and driving license removal. Perhaps access to cash can be restricted. There must be a better way of dealing with offenders such as Ghislaine Maxwell.

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