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Saturday 8 January 2022

Road to Anarchy

 A jury has cleared four defendants of criminal damage despite clear video evidence that they were involved in the destuction of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol. Rather than be judged in a Magistrates Court, the four, no doubt advised by lawyers, opted for trial by jury. A magistrate looking at the evidence would have no doubt of the guilt but a jury of townspeople might see things differently, conflating one sort of justice with another. In the event, the jurors chose to make the case one of the people versus Colston, an acknowledged trader in slaves. That they found the four not guilty of criminal damage suggests that they sympathised with the defendants position and found Colston guilty as not charged.

Doesn't this demonstrate the stupidity of the British Justice system. As long ago as 2012 this blog has railed against the 'presumption of innocence' rules. see:

With such overwhelming evidence, I suggest that, in the interests of the people, the defendants should not be allowed to register a 'not guilty' plea without good reason.

Since the result the Attorney General is contemplating referring the case to the Supreme Court for clarification as clearly it could set a precedent for future trials where people damage images they, personally, don't approve of. A Muslim, for example, could plead 'not guilty', for smashing Christian images and icons on the grounds that they were an affront to Islam and therefore to him. This case demonstrates that the Justice system is leading the Country down the road to anarchy.

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