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Friday 8 July 2022

Tory Leadership 2022

 Amongst the front runners for the leadership of the Tory Party and therefore the Prime Ministership are several I suggest shouldn't qualify.

Firstly, Tom Tugendhat, simply because the British prime Minister shouldn't also hold French citizenship.

Secondly, this blog has always maintained that applicants must be at least third generation immigrants. see:

This would disqualify Nadhim Zahawi who is a direct immigrant from Kurdish Iraq, Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak who are first generation immigrants.

Who are these people who have only been in the Country for a short time want to lord it over a peoples who have been living in these islands for Millenia? No one is suggesting for a moment that these folk are not competent but as a principle their families should have been resident in the UK for a meaningful time.

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