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Friday 2 December 2022

Lady Susan Hussey

Eighty-three year old Lady Susan Hussey, for many years lady in waiting to the late Queen has been accused of racial abuse by Ngozi Fulani. Miss Fulani claims she was violated and interrogated by lady Susan during a palace reception for the 'Safe Life' charity which aims to combat domestic abuse.

What caused this rumpus? Did Lady Susan call miss Fulani 'a b...k b.....d' or a 'n....r'? No she simply asked the lady where she was from? On being told she was British she again enquired, innocently, about Fulani's origins. That was it! Racial abuse, pure and simple. 

Not so, surely. It's a reasonable question between strangers trying to strike up a conversation. Had Miss Fulani replied, 'I'm British but my family originally came from Nigeria, the Ivory Coast or wherever Lady Susan might well have said something like,'I visited there with the queen in seventy-one', or something similar. But no, Fulani wanted her fifteen minutes of fame identifying a second question on her background as interrogation, feigning hurt. It's pathetic and sadly all too symptomatic of the Country's decline at the hands of people who hate the British for alleged historical malpractices.

Is it a calculated distraction aimed at sabotaging the Prince & Princess of Wales' visit to the United States at the same time as Meghan and Harry's Netflix programme is about to be aired? Who knows but clearly it will not help to diffuse the totally undeserved taint of institutionalised racism in the British royal family.

To lady Susan, I say this: you have done nothing wrong; you have served your Country and monarch well. No need to apologise and be proud. 

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