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Thursday 11 January 2024

Conservative candidate selection process

 It is well recognised that as it stands, the Conservatives will badly lose the next general election. The current crop of Tories have lost their way as taxes remain high and economic growth is weak. There are some excuses, of course, but nevertheless one cannot but feel that the Country is rudderless, run by an unelected Prime Minister and a cabinet, with a few exceptions, of mediocrity.

The Conservative selection panels, up and down the Country, looking for new prospective candidates, might well ponder on the qualities of their new aspirants. Dare I suggest that all they need is to ask each candidate their reply to just two questions:

1. Would you support the re-introduction of the death penalty for some crimes?

2. Would you support the re-introduction of fox hunting?

It is unlikely that either of these measures will come before the commons again but a positive response to both will tell the selection committee a lot about the suitability of the candidate whilst two negatives should point to the exit.

It;s only a suggestion.

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