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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Character and DNA by Prof Plomin

American psychologist and geneticist, Professor Robert Plomin has come to a conclusion on what decides one's character. He says:

'DNA accounts for at least half the variance in people’s psychological traits, much more than any other single factor. Put simply, ‘nature’ trumps ‘nurture’ every time, and not just marginally, but by a long, long chalk.'

see Daily Mail report:

This is no more but considerably less than you would have learned by reading:
Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions

This work which challenges scientific orthodoxy, defines (possibly for the first time) consciousness and the primary role of DNA in establishing- along with nurturing - the character of a person. It also, tentatively puts forward an answer to why people sharing the same star sign have similar characteristics.

Not that anyone will take any notice. A copy of the work was mailed to the Daily Mail years ago but went without acknowledgement of receipt let alone a comment.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Motoring or the problems of motoring

With roads in the UK gridlocked and questions about the feasibility of electric cars rife I present the solution as given in my 2009 article in the Reader magazine.

The Ministry of Transport is looking at the problem in the wrong way. We do not need to have electric cars, we need to electrify the roads. In the same way that trolley buses operated, so we upgrade the system and put the electrics underground or under road.

To see how it all works click here

No recharging points or difficulties. Inexpensive. No car crime. No drink driving. No speeding. Policemen can fight crime, not motorists. No parking problems. Like the sound of that then read the bloody article.

Reference is made to my novel, 'Henry Bagshot'. This is available from Amazon under the title of 'The Lamb at Nettlesham'.