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Sunday 30 September 2018

Marr- May interview Sept 2018

It is not, in my view, the BBC's role to hold the Government of the day to account. That is the job of Her Majesty's official opposition, currently the Labour Party. It was astonishing, therefore, that the BBC's presenter, Andrew Marr, should conduct an embarrassingly awful interview of the Prime Minister, so partisan it went beyond the bounds of politeness. Apart from repeatingly asking the same unanswerable questions of the type, 'what if..?.', he resorted to Corbyn's tactic of not listening to replies but asking the same fixed questions, rudely interrupting or talking over his 'guest'. At one point, referrring to a 'Grauniad' video of a Windrush 'victim', he vehemently prosecuted his view that came across as suggesting the PM, a former Home Secretary, was personally responsible for some sort of war crime.
For her part, Mrs May, tried to keep her temper but should have been firmer in dealing with the presenter's rudeness and frankly crass ignorance. Her Government's duty is to protect the Nation and that includes its financial well being. In this way the Government looks after the best interests of the tax payers. Her program includes weeding out those people who have illegally taken up residence in the Country, claiming benefits and evicting them. It is right and sensible.
If there is an administrative, man-made error, she regrets it but Marr's persistent attempts to  bully her into making some cringingly awkward personal apology was in bad taste. It should be remembered that many of the problems arose because the immigrants were inadequately documented at the time of a Labour Government. It is one thing to be an investigative journalist but another to be a boorish twat.
But then Marr was a Labour man; still is on this evidence, like his employers at the British Bolshevik Corporation..

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