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Wednesday 26 September 2018

Trump's veiled message to the UK

In his speech to the United Nations it seemed to me that POTUS, Donald Trump, had a veiled message for the UK. First he emphasised that the US would always remain sovereign; nobody would dictate the  policies of the Country except the people of America. Unlike the UK who have accepted the law of an undemocratic EU. He seemed to be saying: what's taking you so long to get out? Brexit is a must.
Then he spoke of the benefits of Democracy and trade in building prosperity and banishing poverty around the world. He held up as an example, Venezuela, a Country, once prosperous, bankrupted by the Socialist policies of successive regimes.This at the same time as the Labour Party of the UK were holding their annual conference and John McDonnell, the deputy leader, was outlining his plans, unashamedly Socialist that paid no heed to the failures of the past.

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