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Friday 3 April 2009

Apsaras II. The 6th Ring. Synopsis

The 6th Ring

The second story in a trilogy featuring Jack Benson


A year later, Jack has been re-evaluating his life with American doctor, Peaches Langer and now, whilst “Shangri La” is being rebuilt, he is sailing his luxury motor yacht in the Komodo National Park. They have been joined by the Apsarases, the two twin Thai sisters Jack had saved from a life of prostitution and who later had not only befriended him but had become his lovers and self styled “brides”.

One night, during their trip, they witnessed a curious event when a strange craft disembarked some shadowy figures onto a remote island. They later hear gunfire and the following day discover that every member of a small island community except a small baby has been brutally massacred.

The strange craft, a prototype built by a Middle Eastern country, is linked to a kidnapping thousands of miles away in Hawaii prompting Jack and the Apsarases to investigate.

Two more ships are built to the same innovative design and armed with nuclear weapons are destined to destroy major targets in the United States and Britain.
Can the Armed Forces overcome the threat? The answer lies, in some part, with the little girl Jack and the girls rescued from the island massacre.

Following Jack’s public outburst asserting that there could be no compassionate and loving God brought him to the attention of both the religious community and the media and led to him receiving invitations to air his thoughts on television talk shows. Whilst on a show for CNN, Jack meets Bella, the widow of a murdered US diplomat who served in her own country of Haiti. The meeting quickly becomes romantic as the two are immediately attracted, a liaison that is encouraged when Bella appeals to the “spirits” of her voodoo faith.
At the same time, a Chinese man calls at the British Embassy in Bangkok, with an offer for Jack. Two clay tablets in strange script have been uncovered in a Burmese temple and the monks want to sell them. What secrets do they hold? Jack is tempted and buys them, sending details of the text to the British Museum for interpretation.

The findings lead him and his elder son Tim to believe that the wording of the Bible as first written down, were not faithful to the true message, leading to a misunderstanding of the relevance of man’s spiritual side.
His conclusions, which reinforce his own convictions, shock the religious communities around the world, particularly those with a strong Abrahamic tradition.

The terrorists of southern Thailand are upset that the Englishman is once again interfering in their affairs. Spotted nearby in his motor cruiser when their new and strange ship is blown up by an American SEAL team, they suspect collusion and use the controversy over his religious outpourings to provide a smokescreen for his murder.

As controversy rages around him, Jack finds himself embroiled in another sensitive matter as he discovers fraud and murder in Bella’s own island of Haiti, a discovery that takes him to Florida where he uncovers a ring active in the importation of pornographic material and Haitian girls for the sex trade.

In a story of good versus evil, Jack is facing problems in both his public and private lives as he tries to reconcile the needs of others and be true to his own feelings.

Can Jack save his own life and keep the refuge safe for all its inhabitants? Can the authorities, using information from Jack, act in time to save the world?

In a dramatic conclusion, the story tells how all these issues are resolved but with a final twist, leaving the reader to ponder the true importance of the spirit world

Kevill Davies

Copyright© Kevill Davies 2008

Length of novel: 128000 words

If you would like to know more about this novel with a view to publishing, please contact me.

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