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Wednesday 8 April 2009

New Cosmology & Negative Dimensions



A discussion on the origins of the perceived but unseen.

In my novel, APSARAS II, I introduce a new theory to explain the workings of such diverse subjects as dark matter, ghosts and UFOs.
Although science has hitherto had no answers on this subject, the existence of supernatural objects or events have been well documented ever since man could communicate.
One thing about the ancient view stands out to me. The duality of the universe. The Gnostics thought of it as lightness and darkness, Shinto saw it as the real world and the spirit world and the Daoists pictured it as Yin and Yang.
In a new radical way of looking at the world, it is proposed that the universe does indeed operate in multiple dimensions, but not in the way currently envisaged. It may well be that science has been looking for very exotic solutions when we had the answer from the beginning.
The new theory proposes the possibility of negative or ‘imaginary’ dimensions that are likely to exist in a parallel universe to the one we are familiar with.
Although the new theory has implications for the cosmos as a whole, I am excited about the possibility of what happens at the interface where dimensions are mixed at the veil or plane of reality.

Tangible objects in the real world can be described as having a volume calculated in three dimensions according to the formula:-
L↑3= 1 where L is a spatial dimension.
The solution of this equation gives L as +1 only. In other words all the dimensions are positive.
But we live in Space Time which can be 4 spatial dimensions.
Time t = L x (1/ v)
If the expression 1/v is constant then t~ L.
This applies if v is the speed of light in a vacuum, c
Therefore for objects described by 4 dimensions we have
L↑4= 1
The solutions in this case are +1, -1, √ -1, - √-1

Since the dawn of time, mankind has had a sense of another side to life, popularly manifest as ghosts or poltergeists. There have been people such as mediums and animals, such as dogs, which have a heightened sensitivity, making them more aware of the presence of the supernormal.
Now scientists think that some humans and animals can ‘see’ or sense these mixed dimension ‘entities’.
As an example, consider an entity composed of two positive dimensions and one negative. (see fig.1). Most people would be unable to sense this object because it has no depth but there are some who would sense something two dimensional ‘floating’ on an ever changing background, as if a ghost. The object would have a negative volume since the object obeys the normal rules of mathematics and therefore does not have a weight that humans can experience.
If, however, the entity has two negative dimensions and one positive then although not observable it will have a positive volume and its effects can be felt. (see Fig 2)
Scientists believe this is the nature of poltergeists where objects are moved and other effects noticed such as people aware of someone or something invisible sitting on a bed.
The experience that these ghosts are from the past, might be explained by the fact that with negative dimensions comes the possibility of negative time.

One of the problems facing scientists with regards to travelling backwards in time has been entropy. A quantity that measures disorder in a system and is best described with reference to a glass of wine on a table. It is easy to visualise this glass falling from the table to the floor, the wine spilled and the glass breaking into thousands of shards. Now try and imagine the reverse happening; the glass reassembling and the wine pouring itself back into the restored glass perched on the table as before. Not likely and for this reason entropy and the direction of time have long been associated. However with negative dimensions there is a possibility that entropy, in the other universe, can be reversed, giving rise to past ‘images’.

Again, a phenomenon where some people observe a vision in the sky which cannot be explained. It appears to, often, many people but cannot be confirmed. Scientists have been sceptical about the existence of UFOs but have been worried because of the high numbers of sightings. Sometimes they can show up on radar. The number of people including highly respected air force personel cannot, surely, all be wrong. Now it is thought these could be objects that have two positive dimensions, visible to some humans but one negative or ‘imaginary’ dimension that cannot be seen but may be detectable.

Since scientists discovered that the universe was expanding more quickly at the edges, they have been perplexed that the effects of gravity as we know it have been overturned.
With the new theory, this is explained by huge amounts of invisible matter or energy that exist in three negative dimensions giving rise to negative volumes and as yet little understood negative matter. This negative matter, like anti-matter, would have the effect of pushing objects apart.
These entities with three negative dimensions exist solely in the parallel universe and can never be seen by human eyes, although their effects may be observed indirectly.
It is understood that the veil or plane of reality cannot be seen as a sort of curtain or other physical partition. It is all pervading in the same sense that God is meant to be everywhere; we just don’t see it or sense it because most humans haven’t yet evolved sufficiently. That evolution is making humankind more sensitive is undeniable but scientists are now looking for the final pieces in the jigsaw. Evidence of these hidden dimensions is being sought at the new hadron collider at CERN, where it is hoped the high energy collisions, simulating the ‘big bang’ will reveal the existence of a parallel universe. I will be hoping that if they are found the new dimensions will confirm my prediction.
We need, now, to consider another possibility; namely that instead of negative dimensions as we’ve discussed above, the dimensions contain the factor ‘i’ or √-1. This very special number is real in that it is essential for the workings of some electronics, for example, but in our conventional mathematics, cannot exist because all negative numbers when multiplied by itself become positive. In the case of i², however it is -1.
Now in fig1, above consider that we have two positive dimensions and one dimension bi.
To an ‘observer’ who has the capability, there are two dimensions that may be sensed and an imaginary dimension.
The volume of the object must also be imaginary because it, too, contains the term ‘i’. The nature of this object is subject to debate but much depends on the properties of those forces that give an object substance.
Let us predict that when the ‘Higgs’ boson is discovered its properties will need to be defined in terms containing ‘i’.
Now for the instance where we have one positive dimension and two imaginary dimensions an ‘observer’ might sense this object and it will have a real but negative volume. This may give rise to real experiences such as apparitions and other perceived but unseen objects, depending on the nature of the matter that occupies this volume. It may be recognised by radar, giving rise to UFO sightings.
In the last instance we have three dimensions that contain the factor ‘i’. This cannot be sensed by humans at the moment. It has an imaginary volume and its properties are not known. Could this be the nature of ‘dark matter’? Could it pervade the universe, unseen because its dimensions contain the ‘imaginary’ term ‘i’
Standing Wave universe.
If we can imagine two universes existing at the same time, separated by an all pervading veil, one could see a world with positive dimensions where the time goes in one direction and a coexisting world in which the dimensions are negative or ‘imaginary’ and time is a negative or ‘imaginary’ dimension.
Can the universe undergo a dimension reversal in the same way as the globe undergoes magnetic reversal.
What this universe time line might look like is a standing wave.
At sometime in the past has the world, as we know it, oscillated between a real (ie above the line) existence or a negative or imaginary existence? This would explain why there are no fossils found for some part of human development. It may have occurred when dimensions were below the line.

As I have suggested earlier, the veil is not a tangible device but an all pervading barrier separating the real world in which we experience life. The question I would like to ask is, can the veil be breached; can we cross over?
In the parallel universe, time may travel in another direction which may, in a sense, be negative, although it wouldn’t seem so. The physics may be different giving rise to different properties for matter or whatever substances lie there. Of course, it may be a universe where everything exists solely as electromagnetic effects with no solids as we understand them.
The passing through this veil may be something achievable by “quantum tunnelling” or a process currently unknown.
Black Holes? May be dark matter or energy.

Creation may not have been a ‘big bang’, but a tiny quantum fluctuation that grew from nothing. Instead of cancelling as usual, the ‘spark’ created a knock on effect converting the neighbouring nothing into two parts, the part we live in and the parallel world described by negative and complex dimensions. The by product of this reaction is a small amount of observable energy at the point of universe creation, measured today as the Cosmic Background Radiation. The universe, according to this scenario, will continue to grow for ever. As the universe expands, so more time is ‘created’ and we, humans, experience this creation as the passing of time.
This hypothesis is in the process of being established. If you want to join the debate contact me at

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