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Saturday 12 June 2010

England 1 - 1 USA

I know a lot of people are saying that it's not the end of the world, but that is ridiculous. Why should we put up with such an abject display?
A lot of people have travelled a long way and paid a lot of money to see England play. Why should they be satisfied with such a poor result?

I don't blame the players but I do blame the Italian manager for both his team selection and the tactics. Like another Italian manager, Mancini, at Manchester City he is trying to build a team like an Italian team with emphasis on defence and quick break-outs. England, particularly in the first half had only 40% of the ball, surrendering the midfield to a much inferior team. It reminded me of City's home match against Tottenham when the home side lost the match and the chance of 4th place by similarly being so defensive minded instead of taking the game by the scruff of the neck.
England should have slaughtered them but after a sharply taken goal by Gerrard after 4 minutes, nothing. We really wouldn't mind the draw if England had played well and they couldn't use the excuse that the USA played well- they didn't- having only two shots on goal in the ninety minutes.

Why would Man. City want to pay 30 million for Milner when Wright-Phillips was so much more effective. Why play Heskey, a striker who hasn't scored a goal since February and averages a goal every eight hours in England's colours. It begger's belief that Capello could pick him. If further evidence of his incompetence was needed he missed a sitter with only the keeper to beat. Crouch is a proven goal scorer and has the ability with both his head and feet to create openings for others.

It's too late now to change. The manager must use those he's selected, but can he please pick players that are in form. It's too late to swap Heskey for Adam Johnson say, but he could do worse than make a statement of intent and pick the Premier Leagues outstanding keeper, Joe Hart.

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