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Thursday 10 June 2010

Labour Leadership 2

I have just watched Diane Abbot on Newsnight, talking about her chances of becoming the new Labour Party leader. In just five minutes it was clear that she would be an absolute disaster if she ever became Prime Minister.
Earlier in the day, at Prime Minister's questions, we had an idea of the scale of the problem faced by the Lemming Party. Whatever the opposition say, Cameron only has to say that if they felt so strongly about something, why didn't they do something about it during their thirteen years in Government. Not only that, he can point to the scale of the UK budget deficit and the unprecedented mismanagement of the nations economy on a scale that borders on the treasonable. They have bought the Country to its knees and every member of the last Labour Goveernment will be tainted by association with the treacherous Administration. It is almost impossible for any plausible future leader to escape this stigma. I almost felt sorry for that apalling woman, Harriet Harman, trying to score points against Cameron when she hadn't got a leg to stand on."The Right Hon. gentleman is missing the point," she protested once, but even to her own side it was apparent that she had nothing of any relevance to say.

Cameron, in contrast, was statesmanlike. Up to now I've not been impressed with him. His background, without ever working in a 'proper' job, has not, to my mind, been ideal but today he had a poise and bearing that suggested that the man had been born for the job.
I hope that he takes every opportunity to point out the malfeasance of the Labour Party in Government and by association all those people who voted them into power. You don't have to look far to see who they are. They're the people who want something for nothing and resent those who have wealth, however it was obtained.
I am reminded of a story I was once told that demonstrated the difference between the working class in the UK and those in the United States.
In the US, if a working class person sees a man in a Rolls Royce, he is more likely to say: "Gee. One day I'm going to have a car like that."
In the UK the more usal response to the same observation is to run a coin along the bodywork.

We need to change peoples perception of wealth and encourage them to aspire to do better themselves rather than condemn those who've strived to improve their lives and those of their family. This applies to inherited wealth as well. Inherited wealth was one day earned by someone who had made a decision to pass it on to his descendents. It is still honest money on which all the taxes have been paid and therefore legitimate.
One of the consequences of educating people about wealth creation is that the scourge of Socialism and their third rate representatives, such as we find in the Labour Party today will find no forum.

There is a caveat. Wealth must come from proper sources. From manufacturing, creation, as in works of art, and providing a legitimate service. It must not, like banks come from exploitation, deceit and theft.

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