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Thursday 30 September 2010

Secret Iraq

Having watched the programme called 'Secret Iraq' screened on BBC 2 last night, I am more convinced than ever that the US armed forces should be confined to barracks in the US. They have, since the second world war, always inflamed the battle, wherever they go, even when they go in as peacekeepers. Not only that, they never win. Afghanistan and Iraq will join the long list of US military failures, despite what their 'Veterans' say about Korea and Vietnam. Thank goodness we Brits didn't use US forces in the Falklands war. Remember, also, that in the first gulf war fought in Kuwait, UK forces lost more men due to US so called friendly fire than from the enemy.
Why is this so? Clearly lack of discipline is a factor but I believe there is an underlying 'gung-ho' attitude in the younger troops, no doubt engendered by watching the ridiculous old John Wayne films that glorified war and inculcated this myth of US invincibility. There is nothing 'glorious' about waging war; only pain and loss, usually felt most by innocent women and children. 

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