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Saturday 25 September 2010

Ed Miliband. New Labour Party Leader

I must agree with those that think the new Leader of the Labour Party should apologise to the Nation for the woeful state of the economy, after thirteen years of Socialist rule. It would be a sort of catharsis; wiping the slate clean and ridding his party of their flirtation with 'New' Labour an exercise in socialism that has made one of their former PMs, Blair, a very wealthy and well connected man and the other, Brown, a ghoulish failure whose long years of wait to take up the crown turned a bully into a rather pitiful figure.

The way these two men finished up encapsulates the reason why many in the Labour Party weren't quite sure of what the Party stood for. The one a close friend to world bankers and the other, the son of a Scottish cleric, trying, one feels, to make a difference but having neither the personality or the pedigree to carry it out. The one truth is that after their control at the reins of power, the nation is virtually bankrupt, reminding us of the last time the IMF had to bail the country out in 1976 after another period of Labour rule.

The problem is that almost a third of the electorate still vote for them. When will they ever learn? Lemmings voting for the Lemming Party.

Ed Miliband seems a nice man; a little better looking than his brother- less scary. I presume he's intelligent, he's an Oxford graduate with an added economics degree from the london School of economics, but it would seem his power base is in the ever diminishing unions. We should not be surprised since the brothers are sons of a Marxist 'theorist', whatever that is, born in Brussels of polish jewish descent. Apart from a brief career in television journalism, he hasn't done a stroke of proper work in his entire life. He was appointed a special adviser to Gordon Brown after being a speechwriter for Harriet Harman. Personally, once I hear that someone has been to the LSE, I somehow don't trust them and I fear that a career politician is exactly the wrong person to look after the interests of the working class. When I say working class, I mean the people who go to work on time, never take sick leave, are honest and upright people who put in a good day's graft and hope it's appreciated and get a decent day's pay. What has Ed Miliband got in common with them. NOTHING. He might say he has but he cannot hope to know the aspirations and fears of these people, the very bedrock of Englishness or Britishness. It's easy for him to start in opposition. The spotlight is on the coalition, but we will be watching to see what sort of opposition Party he will lead. Will he take the party back and be dubbed a regressive leader or will he try and continue the work of his mentor Gordon Brown. Either way, he will struggle to convince the electorate at the next election that he is the man to take the country forward in an ever increasingly hostile world.

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