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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Vince Cable

Vince cable is to make a speech at which he will say that the worst excesses of big companies ought to be reigned in. That shareholders, for instance, should be given powers to regulate executive pay.
He is not wrong. The world of big business is polarising. The world will soon be dominated by a cartel of super companies who will dominate every commercial field in the planet. This concentration of power cannot be good for the consumers. Whether we like it or not the markets will, in effect, be rigged. Look at supermarkets in the UK. Almost totally dominated by three or four companies, headed by Tesco who would stop at nothing to eliminate the opposition. That's what big business naturally is, although the Chairmen should look at my 'theory of two' (see earlier blog) which says that polarisation can never normally reach a monopoly of one. It will always stop at two if left to natural devices.

If you want examples of of the power of industry look at Pharmaceutical industry. Powerful enough to take on President Obama's health policies, they exercise control to determine who is cured and who isn't. Want proof? Of course, the big Companies go to great lengths to cover up their tracks, using ranks of highly paid corporate lawyers to make sure there never is any evidence, but the signs can be seen.

Recently someone very close to me has been diagnosed with Diabetes. I have discovered that this debilitating condition could be reversed and cured, but the industry doesn't want that. Research into the cure of diabetes is starved of funds because to find a cure would take away the huge income the big companies regularly receive from sufferers for the duration of their lives. These huge corporations reach right into the very heart of every government on earth; they dictate policy. So when a politician, like Cable, gets up and says that something has to change, we know he's near the mark when the CBI immediately say that he's speaking 'oddly' and 'emotionally'. They are correct. It is odd for a politician to speak the truth and oppose the big boys and for this reason we ought to sit up and take notice. It is not anti Capitalist speak but pro-market; pro consumers; pro people.

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