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Monday 13 September 2010

Whose to blame?

Parliament is sitting again. Politics is again in the news. Its the week of the TUC conference.

Why do we not hear more of the disastrous contribution made by the outgoing socialist government to the dire financial straits of the UK? Why is there so little mention of the crass behaviour of Mandelson in trying to bribe the electorate in marginal seats with promises of money or investments he couldn't possibly fulfill?
Why is nobody shouting daily about how the employment statistics were manipulated by expanding the public sector workforce to unsustainable proportions?
Why haven't Blair, Gordon Brown, Darling and Mandelson been arrested for gross abuse of power; for pursuing ideological programmes incompatible with the proper running of the Country?

Why isn't the treacherous behaviour of the socialists drummed into the public psyche so that the only voters they could attract would be lunatics and those whose interests including the mass failure of the Nation.

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