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Wednesday 15 September 2010

Women Priests?

There was an interesting statement made on the Sunday morning BBC Religion and morality show, hosted by Susanna Read. The programme was debating aspects of the Roman Catholic Church ahead of this week's visit to the UK by His Holiness, the Pope.
The question is why are there no female priests and Bishops?
The reply from the Church spokesman was that Jesus only selected men to be his disciples, thereby setting an example.
However, another participant argued that he'd also only selected Jews but that doesn't stop the Church appointing men from other backgrounds into the priesthood. In other words, the Church is selective in its interpretation of the sacred texts.
I believe this is a good point that demonstrates that the Bible cannot be the Word of God. Surely if it was, all questions would be answered. It would be a text for ALL people at ALL times. The same can be said for the Qu'ran where Muslims still don't know whether it is more correct to be Sunni or Shia; where the treatment of women and the issue of slavery are out of touch with modern reality; an anachronism.

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