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Monday 18 October 2010

Chilean miners. A 'miracle'?

In yesterday's BBC programme, Sunday Morning Live. the Chaplain to the House of Commons, Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin, a Jamaican born Anglican said that she was sure that the rescue of the Chilean miners was a 'miracle'.
The presenter, Susanna Reid, failed to ask her how the minister 'knew' with such certainty. Did she perhaps have priveleged information? From whom and in what manner did she receive this information?
When she said she knew it was a miracle, I'm sure what she meant to say was that she fervently hoped it was a miracle; a divine intervention from a supreme being who exercised compassion, despite his being unable to prevent the accident in the first place.

This 'knowing' with certainty from religious leaders, born from their unconditional faith, is transmitted and interpreted by their followers as FACT. In the same way that shamans of old moulded the will of their adherents, so today the priests and imams  present their unfounded views to the world's most vulnerable people.

Nobody would deny that the Chilean miners, all vulnerable in their dangerous way of life, found comfort in their faith. Why God condemned them to two month's incarceration, wasn't a question to be asked. God takes no credit for the disasters; only for the successful rescues accomplished by dedicated and skilled engineers. Following on from another recent Blog, I believe that we mustn't confuse an unreal God, a figment of man's mind, with the very real 'spirituality' of mankind. This gave the hard pressed miners the inner resolve to survive; to make the most of a bad situation. Men below steeled themselves to survive, with their own and other's inner strength,  whilst men (not God) above tirelessly solved the problems to effect a rescue. These are the facts; not some hazy idea that a supernatural force was at work and the Rev. Hudson-Wilkin should recognize that her words incite others to ignore evident truths and thereby depreciate the efforts of the rescuers.

Others that incite vulnerable people are those at City University who preach anti-racial hatred. Think tank Quilliam said they had evidence of hard-line Islamist ideology being promoted through the leadership of the university's student Islamic Society at City University in central London.

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I believe it is time that these people were disabused of their perceptions; confronted with the evil they espouse. Their views should be challenged without fear of harm or mockery, because their beliefs are based on no more than a Book of revelations fifteen hundred years old, allegedly given to an Arab by an Angel. Incidentally, no reason is offered as to why an Arab, rather than say a Viking or North American Indian received these revelations. Like the Rev. Rose's posturing, Islamicists insist that what the Book says is undisputable FACT and must be acted upon. If decent minded people don't act now, it will not be the 'meek' who inherit the world but the hardline monsters who rejoice in the beheading of apostates and the stoning to death of female adulterers.

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