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Sunday 17 October 2010

Prison meals

Under new rules introduced by Prisons minister Crispin Blunt, prisoners must now be offered a choice of at least five meals.

WHY? The taxpayer shouldn't be paying for their food in the first place. It's bad enough having to pay to incarcerate them but having to keep them well above the basic subsistence level is ludicrous. They are eating better than some disadvantaged but honest citizens.
Firstly prisoners should be stripped of their human rights. They deprived their victims of theirs and part of the punishment must include this provision. In an ideal world, the prisoner's food should be provided by his family. Why should other families including those of the victim have to pay to feed these bastards.
Apparently, Blunt has also lifted the ban on taxpayer funded parties in prisons. It's crass stupidity, especially at a time when the Government is trying to reduce costs.

In my opinion, we ought to treat prisoners differently. Prisons cost to much to run: they misguidedly heed prisoner's rights: they are higher academies of crime where youngsters learn from old lags: prisoners can still run criminal organizations from their cells. Here's what I would do with serious offenders.
Prisons themselves should be built in remote locations like Gruinard Island. Staff will be minimal and very well paid.
All prisoners will be in solitary. All cells will be 'en suite' with break-proof fittings. If the inmates break them they have to live with the consequences.
Prisoners will have no access to telephones or drugs.
No family visits. Unfair on the family? They should have thought about that before they offended.
Televisions will only show educational or training programmes and suitable books should always be available.
All meals will be delivered automatically to the cells. There will be no choice other than those who have allergies to some foods.

A regime such as this will have a pay-off in that prison sentences will be less because the punishment is so severe and I suggest that re-offending will be less as lags will not want to return.

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