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Wednesday 10 November 2010

God gives no answers

The Anglican Bishops of Ebbsfleet, Richborough, Fulham Winchester (Assistant) and Exeter (Assistant) have resigned their posts in the Church of England and have been accepted into the Roman Catholic Church. I am sure that they didn't take this step lightly and must have struggled with their conscience for many days and nights.

Am I missing something here? I gather that the problem of the ordination of women as priests and Bishops has sorely tested their faith but despite the full weight of their collective prayer they don't seem to have an answer that satisfies all. God has not, either in earlier lessons, the Gospels and various letters or in direct response to contemporary events seen fit to provide enlightenment or update the creed. The Christaians are not alone in this lack of direction. Why is it that Muslims do not know whether it is more correct to be Sunni or Sh'ite?

Could it just be that there is no God to provide illumination? Wouldn't that be the simplest solution?

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