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Wednesday 10 November 2010

Lessons on Democracy for the Chinese

When the Government gives the vote to people that have no stake, other than their fickle future, in the country, they will get what they deserve.
The PM is in China telling the Government there to embrace Democracy. The Chinese must be laughing at him and the West as they watch scenes of student rioting in London, taking advantage of their so called rights. What greater message can be conveyed to those looking on, that Governing a country should not be left to those with no stake in the Country. Students, by definition have  no stake; they have CONTRIBUTED NOTHING to the country. They have done nothing, been nowhere. What have they got to give to the debate?  In my opinion the vote should only be given to those contributing to society- in other words to those in work.
The Labour party who have no values other than to treasonably reduce the country to ruins at every opportunity must be loving the situation. The students with time on their hands and an experience-free brain, susceptible to radicalism are happy to listen to their ideological rantings instead of the Governments reasoned arguments that poorer students will have NOTHING to pay until they can afford their priveleged education. Do they imagine that University lecturers should be paid nothing? Why do they imagine that taxpayers, many of whom didn't have the benefit of higher education should pay for theirs? If the taxpayer cannot afford universal higher education for all when once they did it is because the cost of  keeping a populace with greater needs is now so prohibitively high. The Government have to make choices and they have decided that those students who will later achieve a high salary should contribute. What the hell is wrong with that? Nothing but it won't stop the Socialist rentamob from taking to the streets and people such as Mrs Speaker, herself supposedly well educated, exhibiting her crass stupidity and flawed ideology.
The Government have failed to get the message across, allowing Harriet Harmon to score points against the Lib Dem part of the coalition who promised in the election that they wouldn't raise tuition fees. If the UK electorate had voted for a Lib-Dem Government there would be no tuition fees but they didn't. They formed a coalition with the Tories to get the country out of the near bankruptcy mess left by the Lemmings.
China does not need Western style Democracy. A free press and freedom of speech will come as the new, prosperous nation realises the power it wields. Decisions on the Chinese policies will be made by those with a proven record of devotion to the Country, not ignorant students.
Lectures by the British PM on giving more freedom to the people will be therefore seen as risible by the Chinese leadership and quite rightly so.

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