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Saturday 6 November 2010

Human Rights

So a hundred plus Iraquis want a full scale public enquiry into alleged harsh treatment during the Iraqui war, an infringement of their human rights. The harsh treatments described, such as sleep deprivation, although uncomfortable, are hardly the same as bamboo slivers under the finger nails, knee-capping or thrusting hands into boiling oil.
The point is that 'stuff' happens in wars. In the last great wars, spies and collaborators were shot, so the fact that these people, presumably held because they harboured information, prejudicial to the safety of troops and civilians, are alive is testimony to some softening of the rules of engagement.
They want a public enquiry, at huge expense, to uncover criminal behaviour by UK troops in a war environment. A war, moreover, where UK troops were shedding blood on Iraqui soil to liberate the people from a mad dictator. You would have thought that rather than castigate the troops they would have feted them for their sacrifice. Such is gratitude!
They are not the only ones that want an enquiry. Those blood sucking parasites, the Human Rights lawyers want to feed again at the soft underbelly of the cash cow that is the UK taxpayer. Having gorged themselves at the 'Bloody Sunday' enquiry, they want more and more until they have wrung every last drop from the body. An enquiry would last years, making even more of them millionaires.
Cameron must tell these Iraquis to go to Hell and then cut this cancer out at the source by telling the European Court of Human Rights that it is not recognised in the UK. What are the EU going to do about it? Send in the tanks?

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