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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Prisoner votes

So some categories of prisoners are to get the vote. Since the general public has no idea how to vote in the country's interest, what hope can we have that prisoners will do so. This decision is a direct result of the European Human Rights legislation and is stark raving loony. In the first place this legislation should be repealed and in the second, should, in any case, be denied to convicted felons. I'm not talking about people who haven't paid their Council Tax, but the thugs and hoodlums who have denied innocent citizens of their human right to live a safe and peaceful life.
Today, a poll gives the Labour Party a lead with 37% of the votes. Who are these Lemmings that would vote for a Party that brought the Country so close to disaster. I don't want to give more people the vote; I want to restrict the numbers to those who use their vote in the National interest and that precludes the Socialists.

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