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Monday 21 February 2011


I wonder whether some in Libya now wish they had retained the Monarchy instead of turning out King Idris for Gadaffi. Perhaps there are some in Persia who now wish the Shah was on the Peacock throne rather than the ayotullahs. There is trouble in Tunisia as well, where the Bey was deposed in 1957 and at much the same time (1958) the monarchy in Iraq was overthrown. Government by popular mob must have seemed a good idea at the time. What the hell do the mob know about anything? Like the people of Oldham voting for the re-instatement of the Labour party just a few short weeks after they brought the Nation to its knees. You can never trust the people; they only have wants and needs, not a vocation to lead. How the people of Iraq have suffered for their folly!

I believe the people of Jordan and Bahrain don't realise how lucky they are, like those in the UK to have a constant thread in the administration; some link to the historical past that underpins a nation's culture and identity, a reassuring permanence as they move forward.
Most Monarchies like the Tsars in Russia were removed following a groundswell of popular belief that Socialism was the answer to peoples problems, but as even Castro has at long last admitted, it was to become the problem as Cuba lagged behind the rest of the Western world in economic development.

If the Monarch is true and has the interest of the peoples in his or her realm at heart, I believe, despite some ups and downs there is no better system than a constitutional Monarchy, with the King or Queen having ultimate control of the armed forces.

God Save the Queen.

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