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Monday 28 February 2011

Democracy and the Death Penalty

 At a time when politicians in the UK are falling over themselves in hoping for 'Democracy' to prevail in Libya, I wonder, not for the first time, if it is the sort of Democracy that exists in the UK were the wishes of the majority are conveniently ignored by the authorities.
I am principally concerned here with the restoration of the death penalty for the murderers of policemen and women and perpetrators of paedophilic killings.
With the improvements in forensic science and particularly, DNA profiling there is no chance of mistakes. I believe that successive Governments have refused to heed the wishes of the people to protect the judges who are unwilling to sentence criminals to death.
The consequence of this cravenness is that the families of the victims have to continue breathing the same air as the killers of their loved ones and pay, through their taxes, for their upkeep in prison. This is a miscarriage of justice that ought to be remedied. Further, I believe that the grieving families should be allowed, if they wish, to commit the final pulling of the lever or trigger.
The only means of a stay of execution should be that for whatever reasons, the victims families' reprieve the killer with a pardon and commit him to a lifetime in jail with no right to solitary confinement. The murderer might prefer the noose or the bullet.

The blogger, Guido-Fawkes makes a good point in his blog concerning the assassination of child molester and killer Colin Hatch by a fellow inmate at Full Sutton prison. Since I can't improve on either his narrative or his sentiment, it can be read by clicking on the link below:-

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