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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Rooney's elbow

There is much in the sport's press about the incident last weekend involving the England striker, Wayne Rooney and the Wigan player, James McCarthey.
If the referee, Clattenberg, believes that he 'dealt with the situation' following what appeared on the video to be a deliberate elbow in the face of McCarthey, the Wigan player, then he clearly is not up to the required standard to be a premier League referee. He was no more than fifteen paces away from the incident and if he was following the ball he can't have failed to see the assault which must have been in his field of view. Mr Clattenberg can't have it both ways. Either he was wrong not to send Rooney off immediately or he is simply not good enough. Which is it to be Mr. Clattenberg?

The FA rules concerning post match revision is clear. It follows FIFA guidelines that where a referee files his post match report and says that the incident has been dealt with to his satisfaction, nothing more can be done. He cannot refer to technology to review the incident, a policy backed to the hilt by FIFA and it's President Mr Blatter. Clattenberg it is alleged spoke with FA officials before posting his report. What was said?  Doesn't he realise that this sort of judgement fuels all those arguments that the FA bend over backwards to accommodate Manchester United and its belligerant Manager. Rooney is a star player but even he must abide by the rules and the code of conduct expected of professional footballers. After the incident, instead of sending off the United player, Clattenberg put his arm around rooney's shoulder in some sort of embrace. Surely this is sending the wrong signal.

Clattenberg must make a decision about his future before the likes of Rooney and his boorish behaviour makes it for him.

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