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Thursday 10 March 2011

Doctor David Kelly review

There is still no word from the Attorney General about an inquest for the late Doctor David Kelly.

The delay in an announcement is adding to the fear that a grave injustice has been done and a cover-up is under way. The question, however, remains. It will not go away.
Despite the claims from eminent doctors that the Hutton enquiry findings of suicide were at best misguided and the evidence of a knife used to allegedly cut his own wrist  was cleaned of fingerprints post mortem, there seems to be no hurry to revisit the case. Why?
The Hutton enquiry, with limited terms of reference, was set up by the last Labour Government so as to circumvent the need of a proper inquest. Some important witnesses were not called and others were not cross-examined as well as they might have been. It looked then as if Hutton had provided the Government with the result it wanted. It still looks like that today.
Further, the family, it seems, are not pushing for an inquest and the MP, Norman Baker, originally so vocal about the need for further investigation, has gone quiet on the subject. Why?
Is there a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?
To get to the bottom of the case, there is a need for witnesses to give testimony under oath. This man was a servant of the realm. He served the people of the United Kingdom. He deserves that we find out the truth of what happened and if the reason no inquest is held is because it might embarrass the state, the family or senior members of the Government of the day then we need to be told.

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