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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Political upheaval.

It is no surprise with all the upheaval in the Middle East that because of the exposure on the internet, the mobs in other part of the world want to flex their muscles. As governments are toppled, the siren call for Democracy is reaching into the far corners of the world where the demands for human rights drown out all other considerations including sound Governance.

Can you imagine an ant colony where the workers rebel against the heirarchy or a bee colony where the drones overpower the queen and declare bee rights for all and an end to the monarchy? It isn't going to happen because if it did, the colonies and species would die out.
Of course, human beings are different but I believe we are still restricted to certain freedoms that do not effect the ability of the races to survive anarchy and chaos. History has shown us that, from its earliest days,  human beings are made up of leaders and the led. This is not an accident; it is essential for well ordered society and the health of the community. Look for instance what happened when the mob took over in Russia and Cuba. The people ultimately suffered and Castro has now admitted that Communism was a mistake for Cuba. In China, they have realised the mistake and have taken steps to reverse the policy of Socialism whereby the wishes of the peasant class are ostensibly observed. However, despite China having the greatest economic growth in the world, many watching what happens in other parts of the world, looking at internet images of western celebrities, want what they haven't got and want it now. What can the Chinese leadership do? Cave in and let the mob rule? Or do they suppress it? Why are western Liberals surprised when they see that the only way to restore order is by force. By capturing and maybe killing mob leaders, I presume they hope that order will be quickly restored. By restricting internet and mobile phone access, they quell the urges of want and desire that are motivating the unrest. Change takes time and sound governance.
Now there are rumours that many in Egypt are considering the return of the Monarchy. Why not? Egypt has a history of being ruled by Pharaohs at a time of enormous economic and political power.

What can the West do? In my opinion the only way to help the poor and the oppressed in the world is trade fairly with the poorer countries. Wherever you are, hard work should be rewarded. If a peasant farmer is growing wheat , rice or soya he should receive a fair price. Speculation in commodity prices should be outlawed worldwide. Copper miners, working long hours in terrible conditions for low wages should not have their conditions determined by investment bankers in their air-conditioned offices, parasitically creaming off profits by trading metals and other goods.

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