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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Public sector pay and conditions

The Home Secretary, Theresa May has told the police that if they are going to save police jobs, they are going to have to accept changes to their pay and conditions. A pay freeze has already been introduced.
Working on the old adage that you don't pick a fight you can't win, one has to suppose that Mrs May feels she can carry the day.
I don't know that she can because the Police Forces are not like normal employees. Their duty is to protect the population from the dangers posed by the evil amongst us. Soldiers put their lives in harm's way when on active duty, but for the police this is a daily possibility as they set off to work, not knowing what danger they will confront or if they will return home at all. In my opinion they should be treated as a special case. Of course there is waste. Cut out the time wasters and the workshy, but those in the front line are entitled to be looked after by the state

Many people will feel that the Government is targetting the wrong public sector workers when it wants to make cuts. Instead they may want to look at the way the Haringey Socialist Council wastes rate payers money.
Andrew Gilligan for the Daily Telegraph has been looking at Haringey's expenses. To see his report click on:

He says: In December alone, Haringey also paid £323,000 to a rainbow coalition of race or gender interest groups, including £19,250 to the Haringey Race and Equality Council, £17,625 to the Bangladeshi Women's Association, £13,950 to the African Caribbean Leadership Council, £10,525 to the Haringey Women's Forum, and large sums to Cypriot, Irish, Turkish and other ethnic-only day centres.
It is not too difficult to imagine that these beneficiaries are all Labour voters whilst axed Libraries and Day centres, populated by groups of all races including the indigenous white population,  represent a lesser harvest of votes. Even better, the cuts can be blamed on the Coalition Government giving them a propaganda coup.
Gilligan also points out that over 550 Haringey staff earn over £50000 pa.. I don't see many of them putting their heads above the parapet like members of the Police Force.
The way Haringey Council uses public money is questionable, but the way it does it for political advantage is a disgrace.

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