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Saturday 28 May 2011

Council credit card spending

A report in the Daily Telegraph today highlights Local Council credit card expenditure. It is amazing how much rate-payer money finds its way into funding exhorbitant spending on  luxury travel and gifts.
See the report at:

Many of the councils approached couldn't provide details of their expenditure, despite Eric Pickles, the Local Government Minister, asking that invoices for all payments over £500 be available for scrutiny. What a surprise as all the thieving bastards close ranks to protect their greed.

We've had the Parliamentary expenses scandal and now we discover that those in local councils also have their noses in the trough of tax-payers inadvertant largesse. Who do these people think they are that can be so cavalier with tax-payers money? Not only do they use it for personal gratification they award themselves huge salaries, higher even than that claimed by the Prime Minister. Is this yet another example of Democracy working well for the people? Working for the people should be less of a job and more a vocation with no thought of excessive personal gain. Fat chance.

These cheats should be named, shamed and sacked, for the sake of the hard working, honest tax and rate payers.

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