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Friday 27 May 2011

The Judiciary and the people - continued 2

I have spent a disturbed day because of the Haringey child abuse case and the judiciary's determination that the innocent  people will pay for their irrational and injudicial deliberations. I am livid!!!

Why has this case gone to the mega expensive court of appeal. Does the plaintive have no idea of her responsibility? Does she think that the report of widespread bad practice in her department had nothing to do with her and her highly paid management? If so her bahaviour is bordering on the psychopathic -- or is she being primed by the parasites in the legal profession who fed on the biofuel of the human rights legislation sniff the promise of huge payouts?

I am sick to the back teeth of these useless parasites. Why isn't anyone reining in the excesses of these people? These are the people who insist that a known murderer and torturer from Africa cannot be deported from the UK to his own country because he may not be treated fairly. Why should the honest and innocent folk of the UK have to put up with these people?

Am I alone in wishing that some of these human rights solicitors and lawyers  in the UK who make a fat living from these people suffer some abuse at their hands. If anyone deserves to be murdered and tortured it is them and their sympathisers.

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