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Friday 27 May 2011

The Judiciary and the people - continued

Well the Judiciary are at it again. In their wisdom the high court judgement that a Haringay employer was lawfully dismissed, following a child abuse scandal, has been overturned in the court of appeal.
This judgement will outrage all those who believe that natural justice has not been done and that the employee should have taken responsibility for the shortcomings in her department. After all, she took the high salary and presumably therby accepted the duty expected of her.
The point is, however, that one again the scandalously high paid judges, the counsel for Haringey district, the barristers acting for the employee will have generated a huge bill that will have to be paid, presumably by the hapless ratepayers of Haringey. Where's the justice in that? They first suffer the abuse and then have to pay for it through the greedy, thieving wordsmiths who it seems to me arbitrarily make a judgement. What else can it be when the High Court make a decision only for it to be overturned on appeal- an appeal based on the premise that the plaintive could not possibly have had a fair trial.
It is time these Judges were shaken until they squeaaked. Until they grasp the concept of fairness, of justice for the weary people who actually go out and do a decent day's work, making or creating something useful. Getting their hands dirty or providing a service that is useful. It is time for a complete overall of the judiciary, limiting severely how much barristers and solicitors can charge for initiating court actions and limiting high court judge remuneration to expenses only.

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