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Wednesday 25 May 2011

The fall of democracy

Dagong Global Credit Rating Company downgraded the UK's local and foreign currency sovereign credit rating to A+ from AA- amid fears that the economic outlook was already gloomy.

This banner headline would have seemed inimaginable a decade or two ago but in today's world it is a symptom of the times.

The New York Times has just published a list of the ten most outdated concepts. Amongst such icons as the 'Simpsons' television cartoon show,  in second place is Democracy. Slowly but surely, the people, once beguiled by the siren voice of Democracy are seeing that it is just a legitimate way of defrauding those who put so much trust in it. Around the world, it is being exposed as a means of those with political talent including oratory to further their own interests. Almost always, these people do no real work. They are career politicians who spend their time making laws to ensure that their tenure is propogated and well paid, opening up new layers of Government in which to exercise their own particular brand of bloodsucking. The funny thing is, at no time do the politicians behave Democratically. The majority of those in the UK would like to see the return of Capital punishment for the murder of police officers in the course of their duty or those, such as responsible for the Soham murders, where there can be no doubt of the culpability of the accused. The politicians don't even want to talk about it. Why not if it's the will of the people? If all those who enter Parliament think they know better than the people they represent, why don't we go all the way and become a Meritocracy. Do away with this pretence. The savings in bureaucracy would be immense.
It is, of course, inconvenient for them to bow to the people's will. A Home Secretary, on appeal, might have to make a decision on the life or death of a prisoner. The weight of this decision might ruin his evening meal and that wouldn't do. To bow to widespread demand for an inquest into the death of Dr. Kelly might lead to huge embarrassment for members of Parliament and again that wouldn't help with their credibility.

The huge scandal over expenses should have reined in some of the excesses of these people but it hasn't. Whilst some, no doubt those without friends, were sent to prison, others, like Jacquie Smith escaped relatively lightly. Get rid of the lot of them. If I had my way the UK would again be ruled by the Monarchy, people who have the interests of the country at heart, borne of centuries of service to the culture, customs and traditions, and with it the interests and well being of the British people.

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