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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Rhondda lawyers

A miner's family were awarded 22p compensation over his death - while lawyers handling their claim were paid nearly £2,000.

The grieving relatives were given the tiny payout under the Government scheme for former pit men struck down by lung disease.

But the firm of solicitors handling the Welsh family's claim was paid £1,885 - more than 8,000 times the compensation given to the family.

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The news is full of so called super-injunctions. Can you imagine how upset the leaches in the legal profession would be to lose this cash cow. Along with Human Rights business, those in the legal profession must rub their hands in glee when these cases land on their desks. It is estimated that it will have cost Ryan Giggs almost a quarter of a million pounds in legal fees to keep his name out of the papers. Can you imagine it?

It is time for the non criminal legal profession to be reined in. As I've said before, these people make nothing or do anything to create wealth. In fact they never dirty their hands on anything but provide a service for the very rich, whereby they draw off huge amounts of wealth already accrued. Why should people think this is a worthy profession?

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