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Thursday 19 May 2011

Transport Policy in the UK.

The present Transport Minister, Philip Hammond , is under fire because of the cost of rail travel and the imposition of higher levies on the flying industry.

He might have done well to heed the advice of the Transport Minister in my novel, 'The Lamb at Nettlesham'. In the story, the fictional Transport Secretary sets out his vision of public transport (and energy generation) in the future. You can see this vision online by clicking on the link:

If these ideas resonate with your own thoughts you might like to read the rest of the novel which is available as an ebook from Amazon. Please look for

more details at:

In the story, the motor industry and those with interests in oil, worried about their future if the proposals go ahead, attempt to blackmail the Minister into dropping his plans. Central to the scheme is the 'Lamb' at Nettlesham, a former inn, now a brothel, catering for the very wealthy.
The scheme backfires and the story traces the unravelling of the illegal syndicate as former landlady Jackie Bagshot seeks her revenge against its leaders.

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