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Monday 30 May 2011

Power Play Golf.

At last somebody has realised that golf as traditionally played is too expensive and takes up too much time and has come out and offered an alternative to the traditional game. It is no surprise that to achieve credibility, the new format is endorsed by a major sponsor, Saab, and high profile celebrities such as Gary Player, Graeme McDowell and Paula Creamer. As one might suspect it is to accommodate television that changes to the usual format have been made.

It is for this reason that I devised the games of 2-Ball Golf and Titan; both new forms of mini golf, that not only have the above mentioned advantages but also does not need expensive equipment and can be played by disabled people that cannot walk four miles or are restricted to a wheel chair.
The traditional game of mini golf is boring and to my mind despite the introduction of novelties is in decline. People want a more challenging game, games like that inroduced by Player which combine skill and strategy.
Sadly, although I introduced the game at the London Golf Show in 2006, it didn't capture the public imagination as I hoped although visitors to the stand enjoyed playing it. Since then I've added the game of Titan to the portfolio; a game that can be played on one green, making it ideal where space is at a premium such as on a cruise liner. When I trialled the game at a local mini-golf centre it was enthusiastically received by all those who played the game.

These games are perfect for television, requiring only one or two cameras, can be played indoors so are not weather dependent and are ideal for spectators. Titan games can typically take fifteen minutes, making for heightened viwer interest.

I believe that if these games were better promoted, using a celebrity, they would take-off for the same reason that Gary Player's new format would.

To learn more about 2-Ball Golf and Titan see my web site by clicking on the link at the top of the blog or contact me at:

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