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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Lord Taylor of Warwick

Lord Taylor of Warwick has been sent to prison for twelve months for fiddling his expenses. He is a classic eample of the wrong use of an overcrowded  prison system. He is no threat to the public-he's not going to mug anyone or commit armed robbery. Why then lock him away? The answer is, of course, there isn't really a suitable alternative that doesn't fall foul of the stupid 'Human Rights' act.
I say, bring back the stocks. People like Lord Taylor should be humiliated and belittled by being paraded before the public. Each Saturday, say, they should be chained to a post in their local town centre, their crime prominently displayed close to them, so that their fellow citizens can pass their own verbal judgements. Soft fruit can be an optional extra-throwing at the guilty party, for the use off. The number of such days suffered by the guilty can be stipulated by the judge. Complaints that their families will also be embarrassed should be countered by the simple expedient of telling the guilty they should have thought of that before offending.

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