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Wednesday 1 June 2011

Oh! Frank Bough.

The town of Barnsley has introduced a ban on swearing in the town centre. The police have been given powers to fine offenders on the spot. Despite protesters saying this is just another money-making exercise, I believe it's a good move towards a no tolerance regime. Swearing is the first symptom of a trend towards greater disorder and violence, normally aggravated by drink.
I believe I'm entitled to have a voice in this debate, on account of my introducing a no swearing rule in our pub in Oxford. When we took over the premises, the public bar was, as a rule, but not totally, the preserve of men with a swearing tradition, revolving around the use of the 'f' word. Since we wanted a different clientele, one in which more women would feel comfortable, I instituted a ban, explaining to complainants that they would hardly swear so much in their mother's home and they weren't to do it in mine. Some left but many of those that stayed told me later that in some way they were relieved because they previously felt peer pressure to use the 'f' word in a demonstration of macho togetherness.
The result was a much friendlier bar in which men could bring their girlfriends and wives, often to take bar meals and thereby leading to greater profitability. The new mood also made it a better working environment for me, my wife and our staff.

I am, however, not insensitive to the argument that swearing can act as a safety valve. Although, no longer in the hospitality trade and quite elderly, I find myself swearing more than ever . The reason- 24 hour news with all the stupid stories, mostly concerning the injustice of the Human Rights act.
My children when they were young used to vocalise their frustration by exclaiming: 'Oh! Frank Bough', the name of a well liked sport's presenter of the time.

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