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Thursday 30 June 2011

Greece- the beginning of the end?

The elected Greek Government has passed through their Parliament the new austerity measures demanded by the EU in return for the loan that would stave off bankruptcy. In other words, the elected Government of Greece cannot set the agenda of how the country is run, disenfranchising the people in a demonstration of Democracy that will make the Chinese, for example, smile. They have good reason to smile because they are buying cheep Greek debt and with it much needed influence and bargaining power. They are not the only ones.

During these difficult times, another group of people are doing well- the unseen and unheard of mega-wealthy financial institutions. These people are gradually, one-by-one,  bringing countries and indeed, continents under their control. National Sovereignties will be vulnerable, as in a war, but it will be a bloodless coup as Nations are brought to their knees by financial mechanisms, not armaments. I thought that Nigel Farage the UKIP MEP was correct when he warned that: 'we've had the Arab Spring: next will be the Mediterranean Summer'. Around the world, people are discovering that their lives are dependent on a few unelected groups that macro-manage the world's economy. Democracy doesn't feature in their agenda and only  money and its acquisition counts. Demonstrations do no good. Nobody is listening. In fact the more they see of public unrest the more they see their plans coming to fruition because: 'he who has the gold, has the power.'

Today public workers, schoolteachers, border agency personnel are withholding their labour as they go on a 24hr strike. As usual  it will do no good. I used to work as a civil servant, in fact I have a small pension and I would say to these people that rather than withhold their labour and inconvenience the very people who pay their salaries, they should decide for themselves whether or not the deal is satisfactory. If it is not then they should do what I did and resign. It is, to my mind, unfair that whereas an employee can withhold his labour, a company cannot withhhold their job.

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