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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Human Rights 2

On the eve of the strike by public sector workers, those at the UK border agency are promising that the countries borders will remain secure. Who are they kidding? Look at who they've already let in and I'm not talking about Islamic fundamentalist preachers, although that's bad enough.
The European Court of Human Rights have upheld an appeal by two Somalis against their deportation order. Despite their being found guilty of amongst other things, burglary and drug offences, the possibility of their being tortured on their return to their own country means that they cannot be deported under article three of the act. £20000 of public money was awarded to the prisoners to fight their case. You might guess that the parasitic HR lawyers will somehow make money out of the long suffering UK taxpayers.
Besides these two there are another two hundred plus Somali criminals who stand to benefit from this ruling.
What I want to know is why the UK taxpayers haven't the human right to be free of these people. The Somalis have arrived in the UK of their own free will. Nobody dragged them there. The UK taxpayers, through no fault of their own, are now lumbered with these criminals. Where are their human rights? What about the rights of the victims? Surely it's time the lawmakers stopped this nonsense and start siding with the good and innocent majority. No society can survive if the good are penalised and the guilty are tolerated. Why would anyone want to be good? You might say that people are naturally good, but that would mean that the lawmakers are taking advantage of their generosity, their benevolence to the point of mocking them.
It's time the European Court of Human Rights was disbanded and all the lawyers told to go and get a proper job, doing or making something worthwhile.

I know it's not very charitable but I sometimes wish one of these human rights victims would occasion actual bodily harm on those that subscribe to the HR act.

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