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Saturday 11 June 2011

Where do Labour Party interests really lie?

'because, although she hated the Labour Party she had much sympathy for the people they were traditionally meant to represent, the working class and held nothing back in her support of suitable charities for the poor and needy. This did not seem contradictory to her as she felt that the members of the Parliamentary Labour Party were a bunch of ‘inadequate, self serving wasters paying lip service only to their responsibilities’. She feared that if ever they took office, the old Labour values would be thrown out of the window and the members would use their powers mainly in the interests of both their family and their cronies. She even feared for the institution of Government itself.'

These words, so apt when we read today's newspapers about the profligacy, with tax-payers money, of the former prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his acolyte Ed Balls and the present day jobs of former, sometimes disgraced ex Labour ministers who have taken advantage of their old posts to line their own pockets.

How prophetic are these words, penned by me in my novel, 'The Lamb at Nettlesham.' Written in 2008, it is available as an ebook. For more details go to:

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