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Sunday 19 June 2011

Ordure, ordure 1

Mr. Speaker:  Charles Fanshawe

Fanshawe (Conservative member for Bustington) : The Prime Minister will have noticed the outrage that greeted the news that the Chief Executive Officer of Scottish Power has had his pay doubled to over ten million pounds at a time when the customers have been given a fifteen percent rise in their energy bills. A paramedic, starting out  in the National Health Service earns from twenty-five thouand. Who does the Prime Minister think deserves his money more and ... ?

Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure. I think the house has got the gist ...

Fanshawe: Shut up you stupid, fatuous oaf ...

Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure ...

Fanshawe: In an emergency who would the Prime Minister rather have near him and does he agree with me, there must be another way?

Mr. Speaker:  Ordure; ordure

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