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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Here we go again

Two reports in the Daily Mail caught my attention today (20/07/2011)

Goldman Sachs workers are in line for a £300,000 pay and bonus bonanza this year - despite an alarming plunge in profits.

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The retirement plans of millions are being crippled by pension charges which wipe off up to 40 per cent of the fund’s value, a report warns today.

The campaign group Consumer Focus attacks the ‘excessively high costs and charges’ which must be paid by savers to pension firms and financial advisers.

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How long will Governments allow this outrageous transfer of money from the vulnerable to the very wealthy to continue?
These parasites in the Financial industry don't make or create anything in a life of greedy excess without real work. They exist on the earnings of other, hard working people, some very impoverished, from around the world.

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