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Sunday 24 July 2011

Spanish youth unemployment

It is said that in Spain, roughly one in three all 16 to 29 year olds is unemployed.

What this statistic doesn't tell you is that the Spanish archaic unemployment rules ensure that the true figure will never be known. A huge number of Spaniards of this age work in the black economy because high social security costs make it uneconomic for employers to employ them legally.
If you start a business and want to employ ONE staff it will cost you 250€ in social security payments each month on top of wages. Why would anyone want to do that, particularly in the cash businesses of bars and restaurants? It's ludicrous!

The Spanish must rethink their old employment regulations along with their stupid property and planning laws. They need to be dragged screaming into the new century and European reality. Twenty years ago it didn't matter so much because the aged and small population, particularly in the agricultural south were peasants, scratching a living from the poor soil. Now it has all changed. Almeria, because of greenhouse farming and tourism is one of Spain's richest provinces, attracting large numbers of immigrants from northern Europe and north Africa. life is more complex and sophisticated. The Local Councils, the Ayuntamientos, are being called upon to give greater services but without the tax revenue it is impossible.

Spain must change its rules to make starting a business and employing people cheaper. It must do it NOW.

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