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Thursday 28 July 2011

Libya update

The UK has formally backed the National Transitional Council as the legitimate power in libya by expelling the diplomats appointed by the Gaddafi regime despite their still holding on to power in the capital, Tripoli. Why are they meddling in this country's affairs?

I have said it before and I'll say it again; this will all end in tears, as it will in Egypt and Syria. The Arab, so called 'Spring' uprising a phenomenon inspired by internet fuelled notions of democracy, will cause much hardship as the people realise it isn't the solution to their problems. In Egypt, people are becoming disatisfied with the slow pace of change, a natural consequence of 'democracy' at work where the National interest is put aside to appease multiple vested interests. You can't have it both ways; the Country is either run properly or you submit to the wishes of the people who, the world over, largely want something for nothing.
The general public cannot be relied upon to make good decisions in the National interest.

Gaddafi was probably a tyrant, guilty of running his country with nepotism and corruption. But surely it is a necessary qualification of being a dictatorial leader of a huge Country populated with several opposing tribes. Monarchy and Dictatorship are the ways that the Arab Nations have been traditionally ruled. Libya, like Egypt and Tunisia is a country on the Mediterranean rim, not far from Europe in terms of mileage. I fear that instead of cultivating better relations with these countries, the UK may alienate them even further by their interference.

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