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Saturday 30 July 2011

Europe or Commonwealth

The UK's involvement in Europe looks set to continue and be strengthened because David Cameron recognises that forty percent of our trade is with the Euro block.

Why would not this continue if the UK withdrew? It would and it's a downright lie to suggest otherwise. What is true is that like the other members of the EU, the Country cannot afford to belong to a political Club that charges such extortionate fees. The Prime Minister is cutting costs everywhere except to the profligate European Union where he recently agreed to an increase and Overseas Aid despite overwhelming opposition from the 'charity begins at home' brigade. It's difficult for a person who has just lost his job and his home to appreciate the PM's arguments.

The UK has access to a resource that in years to come will be more valuable than ever; a resource that all the other European countries haven't access to. A resource that has been nurtured by the Queen for decades in a belief that could ultimately bring greater rewards than a cosy but false alliance with people, many of whom have been our traditional foes. Whilst decades of politicians, starting with Edward Heath have stupidly looked to Europe, the Queen has looked at the Commonwealth and I believe she will ultimately be proved right. The Countries of the Commonwealth share a commonality beyond that of geographic proximity. We have shared history which has largely been of ultimate benefit to all and which could, as modern travel shrinks the earth, bring even greater prosperity. For the most part, the Commonwealth has a common language, English, which must be important, not to mention similar laws and other institutional similarities that will make business easier.

My advice to Mr. Cameron:
Dump Europe politically and better embrace the Commonwealth.

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