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Saturday 30 July 2011

Capital Punishment

The Government has introduced a scheme where members of the public can introduce e-petitions on matters to be considered for debate by MPs in the House of Commons. If such a petition attracts widespread support, Sir George Young, the Leader of the House of Commons, suggests a figure of one hundred thousand signatures, it could trigger such a debate.
The blogger, Guido Fawkes, has raised such a petition to restore the death penalty for the murder of children and on duty policemen and women and called upon current MPs to lend their support.
I believe Guido Fawkes is correct in assuming that the majority of UK citizens support the reintroduction of the death penalty and that MPs should reflect this sentiment.
If this petition attracts one hundred thousand followers, and I believe it will, what will the MPs do? As I understand it, any subsequent vote will not be binding. In the past MPs have declined to submit to the public will on the grounds that it uncivilized to adopt the 'eye for an eye' position as a basis for justice. Since many MPs have previously been trained in law I've suspected that they had sympathy for a judge who had to sentence a man to death and thereafter live with his judgement. Behind these positions is the fear that the convictions may subsequently be found to be unsafe. Whenever MPs have previously discussed this matter, I fear that in being mindful of the perpetrator and his 'human rights', they have never considered the victim or the families of the victims. This is wrong. The victims and those left behind need justice and their needs must take precedence.
With DNA technology so advanced these days, these fears are allayed but will the MP/ Judiciary axis bow to the public pressure?

The following are my further suggestions:

The death penalty should be available for the murder of :-

All public servants in the pursuit of their duties.
Children, particularly those who are subject to paedophilic attack.
Multiple persons in serial attacks.
Victims killed in the execution of a robbery or burglary.

The death penalty should only be considered in cases where the evidence is incontrovertible.
Once sentenced, a convicted murderer can only be reprieved by petition from the victim's immediate family.
A member of the victim's family can carry out the execution.

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